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Measure for someone else

1)  You need the measurment from around the waist or hips, by passing a measuring tape through the pant loops and pulling it tight. As shown below.














2)  Using this measurement subtract the length of the buckle, or roughly 3-6 cm (1¼ - 2½ inches),

as shown below. (The length of buckle is listed under description of buckle menu All Buckles).


For example: If the total Waist or hip measurment is 96cm, subtract the length of the buckle, (in this case it is 6 cm) from that amount, and you arrive at 90cm.


























Back to step 3 on how to cut your belt.

If you are adjusting the belt for someone else, typically as a gift and the person is not available for sizing, here's another way of measuring.

Subtract the length of the buckle (in this case 6 cm, so the measurment becomes 90cm).

Measurment from tip of buckle to middle hole, total hip/waist measurment, 96cm.

You then arrive at the length of 90cm from middle hole to end of strap.

This is where you cut the belt.

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